Where to find emails sent to customer

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I have just found out that if you are on shopify plus you can ask your account manager to turn of Shopify transactional emails so you can use a decent tool like klaviyo to send all transactional emails. Happy days!

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Hi Jerereymould, whilst your suggestion is appreciated I think you are on a different level than most of us, and don't realise that we're not all raking in the dough like you might be. Your suggestion seems a bit tonedeaf to me personally. I am so sorry if that sounds harsh. 

  1. most of us are likely not on shopify plus. It's expensive;
  2. klaviyo and alot of its competitors are expensive too. And shopify hates mailchimp now, so I doubt we'd have much success there....;
  3. further, this was never about transactional emails, which I am fairly sure you can turn off on any plan, in favour of an email service or even an app sending transactional emails (correct me if i am wrong). This topic is about those messages you physically send via the order page, like below example. Not transactional emails. It has nothing to do with using your Klaviyo or Omnisend service to send emails, as they are not used for these quickie messages. We're talking about the quick messages you might need to send to your customer to let them know that 'their item is out of stock and would they like to swap to a different design' type of message. When you send these messages via shopify, as like the below example, it is not recorded anywhere, so you cannot prove that you sent it at all, when the customer claims they never got your message, and if they do get it and reply to it, there is nowhere to see the reply. There is literally the option to send a message to the customer via shopify yet nowhere keeping a thread of the conversation. So now the customer thinks we've ignored them and not sent their items because we're hopeless to deal with, but in reality, we've messaged them and have not seen a reply, AND we cannot even prove that we messaged them when they complain, because Shopify don;t keep a thread in their order for it. It's shocking and there are enough comments here to have made shopify get off their butts and do something about this by now.

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Same here. Just found out, that if you want to send an email to a customer via the detail order view, you can indeed write the mail, but then Shopify sents a complete meaningless mail to the customer:

 Dear [customer]


The content of the mail is not being sent.

Why is that?


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The custom message send allows you to BCC the store owner account so you have a record of the communication.

It would be useful to have an option to BCC all the transactional messages as well (ideally to a custom email address that can be set up for this purpose). This is what we would have done on Magento for example.


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Sorry It_s_me, but I believe this thread was originally about transactional emails (see image below) and there was a lot of discussion about turning off transactional emails. I was just providing some information that I would have found useful months ago when trying to turn off transactional emails in Shopify.  Because Shopify can not give us visibility of outgoing emails we have opted to use external services for all our email communication.  Sorry if this doesn't apply to you but I know if will apply to some.


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So, now we have 2021. Almost 4 years passed from the first question and nothing has been changed about this problem.

Hello, dear Shopify! Are you there? Is this really such a big deal to create Outbox for your customers, who are paying monthly Subscription charges and Transaction fees? I guess, we don't have here responsible person in this community to mark this as a merchant frustration.

How I calibrated outgoing Order Confirmation and Fulfilling messages. I've temporarily reduced one product price to 1 Euro and sold it to myself like for a customer with another email in contacts. In this way I was resending Confirmation and Fulfilling messages with corrections to this email till i got acceptable message result. That was annoying deal and this doesn't mean that i don't want to see all the outgoing messages for every customer.

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+1 shopify, please add!

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Who on earth has time to go through every order to find correspondence. 

PLEASE amend this and give us a button to click to see all emails together. This is a nightmare to spend all that time searching for an email sent. 

PLEASE. I've started keeping a written journal to make note of the order numbers of all the emails sent so I can refer back to them. It's arcane but atm there isn't any other way to manage this. 

Shopify is great in quite a few ways but in many ways its all frustrations and backwards. 

Sorry to vent but this is a simple thing we all need. 


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+1 Please fix this Shopify!

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Hey, everyone.

Tira here.

I just wanted to let you know that we have read through your feedback and I understand that being able to find the emails that you send to a customer is important for your business. Here’s a refresher on sending emails directly to a customer from our help docs: Managing customer emails - Email a customer.

As Ann mentioned earlier, there isn’t a way to find a copy of a customer email in the Shopify admin. You can BCC a copy of your email to your email address, outlined in step 6 of the help doc I mentioned. I know this isn’t ideal, but it will send the email directly to the email address you wish to send it to so that you have a copy in your inbox. Another workaround is to send emails directly from an email app from our App Store. My colleague, Miles, outlines some great apps that you can use in this thread: What is the best FREE App for email marketing? 

I have forwarded your feedback to our developers. If we move forward with this feature, we will list it in our changelog or announcements page. Thanks again for your feedback. Please share anything you would like to add and I can add it to this list of feedback. 


Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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