Where to find more original suppliers in the UK and Europe?

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Hi, all! I am fairly new to the POD, but find it great fun to do, daily adding new things to my less than a month old store (scoloti.com). It's a bit messy at the moment, as I try adding different products, and I'd have to do a bit of 'tidying up'. But I am downhearted by the poor choice and quality of POD products, and I wonder whether any of you may help me with your experience and advice.

1) I am based in the UK, I use Printful at the moment, but I wonder whether you may recommend any UK-based POD companies doing mugs, t-shirts, canvas prints? it would save some time as waiting a week or so for things arriving from the EU or even longer from the US isn't what I want. I use Contrado, too, they aren't cheap, but some of their goods are ok, pity not all of them speak English as their first language and I had some (minor) technical issues, which, apparently, can't be resolved and are expected to be accepted....

2) I tried registering with InterestPrint - but, as you may have already read on this forum elsewhere, they don't speak English well either, their app is glitchy and some members here had some issues with their quality and delivery. I saw recommendations of SKYOU, so I reg'd with them - mainly, because, apparently, they are the only ones to print all over proper shirts (NOT just t-shirts), but the choice of products I was offered on their site is as poor and limited as on many other sites.... 

3) How and where do you find, guys, anything more interesting and original than just another t-shirt or a mug? and, ideally, of commercial and not cheap promotional quality.

I'd love to be able to print on nice 'designer looking' leather and faux leather handbags, shirts for men and women, wider variety of dress models, clocks (including backward/reverse ones!) and trousers, not just leggings. I want custom made leather goods, original souvenirs and custom (or just brandable) jewellery. Is that all still my unachievable dream - or are there solutions I simply don't know yet about? 

Pls don't mention Zazzle - been there, done that, prices are ridiculous! or buying small quantities of wholesale goods - same, been there, done that, still have some 'goods' around the house, being gradually given away as presents to friends, can't afford it anymore!

Please help! 

Thank you very much in advance!