Which app works for you?

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I honestly gave up on apps.  I'm on the Starter plan Shopify had a while ago, which doesn't support code editing in templates.  Theres no way to filter apps in the Apps Store based on what Shopify plan you are on.  So if it requres code editing, I can download an app but only later find out that I can't use it. Frustrating waste of time actually.

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Your app is very close to what I need but needs some improvements. We are currently in our halloween season and need to display to customers which day they will receive their order BUT depending on which shipping method they choose. Will do any customizations to make this happen?

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You have several options to get traffic to your site:  Paid (I like StoreYa Traffic booster the best from the apps.)  Other potential traffic sources would include advertising (If you can define your customer and what they are looking for Facebook is the best, at least for us).  You have referral traffic.  I'm using Share a Sale and an app called Refersion.  Share a sale costs about $1,000 to sign up but they have a lot of affiliates looking for unique products to promote.  Refersion won't give you the number of affiliates unless you are willing to work on them but they do give you backlinks for everyone who joins and posts a link to your site.  

Finally there is organic traffic.  Try these two:  Neil Patel.  Don't pay for anything at least until you understand what it is you are buying.  He has a lot of good practical advice.  Check out Jim Cockrum.  He has written books, has an active Facebook page and podcasts.  The book would apply to your website.  The Facebook and podcasts slant toward Amazon but depending on what you are selling, Amazon might be a good thing to look at.  

On our store (Yes we have a Shopify store: http://store.memorycross.com) we sell the majority on Shopify but we've found Amazon and Etsy to be a good source and there are apps to connect the three together.

Hope this helps.  

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Contact Shopify for realtime shipping @ $20 per month. Your shipping accounts will display delivery day.

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We have not found any apps that work for us.

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Hey Stan and Bella!

(Note: I've added the apps I recommend below, but feel that this post gives a lot of weight as to why I chose those apps. Hope it helps!)

I totally hear where you are coming from - there are a lot of "You should do X, Y, or Z to grow." or "Here's how 'Some Company' went from $0 to $100,000 a year in sales!" kind of posts. In the beginning, they are interesting and inspiring to read, but I soon realized they are lacking the depth that actually helps me grow my business.

Would you be willing to let us know the URL/address for your website? I think if we could take a look at your site, it might spark a bit more conversation here as well as allow people to recommend apps that will help your specific business.

I know you are asking about apps, but apps aren't going to grow your business...you are. The apps will help, but create a strategy and stick with it. It takes time. Here's a bit about our story and strategy.

After six years, our site grew to and plateaued at  $1,500/mo without anyone doing any marketing. For the past five months, I've worked full time on the following:

  1. Migrated site from Volusion to Shopify
  2. Email marketing
  3. Abandoned cart marketing
  4. Added customer support
  5. Regularly asked customers for reviews
  6. Implemented free shipping + a sub-$5 shipping option (for small orders)
  7. SEO
  8. Adwords (tested and failed)
  9. Implemented a refer-a-friend program
  10. Raised our prices (that might seem counter intuitive, but our prices had not increased in 13 years).

Even after all of that, our monthly growth has feels and appears less than desirable. Month over month, our sales for the past five months have been -33%, +76%, -28%, +158%, -47%, and this month will be around +30%.

However, looking at the data/facts, I believe these efforts will start compounding:

  1. Last month 64% of our orders were from first time customers
  2. In an effort to increase our average order from $41 to at least $50, we implemented free shipping for orders over $69. So far this month, 25% of orders shipped free.
  3. Prior to the site redesign and SEO efforts, our site ranked 10+ pages in. I still have SEO work to do, but I'm seeing a good number of our products on page 3 now.
  4. Since Sept 17 (it's Oct 25 now), I've received 57 customer reviews.
  5. Using MailChimp and Shopify, I've managed to save 18.4% of abandoned carts.
  6. Every time I send an email marketing campaign via MailChimp, I can expect to sell $500-$800.
    I, like you, don't want to offer incentives too often for fear that we will train our customers to only buy when we have a promo. So I've moved more towards a "reward"system (e.g. refer a friend and when they buy, you get a discount; when one leaves a review, I send them a coupon for that specific product (they aren't expecting the coupon); etc.)

For us, I believe in our product so much that it is not "if" we will grow, it is "when" we get there. I belive we'll be at $100K/month - it might take two years or it might take 5 years - so my strategy is to make sure that we have a really solid foundation for growth (i.e. can we support more growth?):

  1. Make sure we have amazing customer service (I setup Help Scout, started monitoring Twitter, FB, and anywhere else customers might contact you and reply ASAP).
  2. Build a clean site that is easy to use and has reasonable shipping rates and that provides the tools to help you rank well (Shopify does this "ok", but there are a couple of areas I can't dial in due to Shopify and/or the theme I'm using).
  3. Make sure we are capturing every customer's email address and treat them like humans when we reach out to them using MailChimp.

But now, like you, we are at a point where sales aren't where we hoped they would be. I've done everything I can to make sure that we have process in place to handle that growth. So my next step is gaining awareness, which I'll do using:

  1. Blogging/podcasting
  2. YouTube
  3. and social media (to support those efforts)

And finally, here are the APPS I RECOMMEND:

  1. Shopify Product Reviews: https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews
  2. Free Shipping Bar: https://apps.shopify.com/free-shipping-bar
  3. OR Quick Announcement Bar: https://apps.shopify.com/quick-announcement-bar-always-keep-your-customers-informed
  4. MailChimp - https://shopify.mailchimpapp.com/

I'm sure I'll use more apps later, but these core apps have helped me with "phase 1" of my strategy.

Let me know if there are any questions about anything I said or otherwise and good luck!



Build & grow an ecommerce business that will help you reach your goals with my no bull, no hype, no pitch mini-guide: http://www.bobpotter.co/
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Hi Avner ...


Top 5:

Charge Rabbit. Great for subscription based sales.

Clever Adwords. Great for google AdWords.

inkFrog. Great for eBay intigration.

MailChimp. Great for email campaigns.

Pop-Up Window. Great for capturing emails from browsers.

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Hello All,

Great discussion!  I'm always looking for new apps for my site.  So what has worked for my store and brings in the most traffic is the Pintrest sales channel.  I think it depends on what you are selling but it seems to work best.  My sales are still no where near I would like them to be but I'm still building and growing on Shopify.  I've been selling online for 9 years at other sites. So again, Pintrest is number one for me.  An app that brings in traffic but yet no sales is Find it Quick.  It's free and they also have pay per click plans.  I would recommend using Google Adword using just the right keywords to target people who are looking specifically for what you are selling.  My site is https://www.jubileesweets.com.

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Hey there :)

Following up on your discussion with Victor and Bob about reviews - I'd love you to consider our app, Loox - Visual Reviews. We can help you automate the collection of reviews using after-purchase emails, and incentivize customers to add their photo to the review.

We are a Shopify-only solution, dedicated to help you increase sales using strong social proof with a beautiful, effective and easy-to-use app. We work with over 2,200 Shopify stores - you can read here over 100 5-star reviews from merchants.

Happy to answer any questions you may have,

Yoni | Co-Founder @ Loox

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Hello guys and girls and new to website and ecomerce like me, I am having the same problem, I have built my website with shopifey and even took my domain address out of parking but still have not activated it yet because I have been working on avertising and marketing first and maybe I'm doing it backwards but please know this is my 1st time ever doing a online buisness or dealing with ecomerce aswell as even using so many social media platforms ever to go about trying to get some traffic to my buisness name as I am using , Facebook, even the paid parts, I have done YouTube videos to get subscribers, I also built a silver forum in the attempt to get members that may turn out to become customers in the future, 1st of all I am a aspiring creator/designer of private minted silver 1oz .999 fine silver proof/ antique rounds/ coins, I'm doing a concept called micro minting and that's trying to create new designs with low mintages to keep them rare and doing series of rounds/ coins 6 to a series and right now comming out with my very 1st series ( plata power series) and 1st round/ coin in series " silverskull" anyway I have tried so hard to avertise on my own with no prior experience and very low funds to pay for avertising or to have a great website so I turned to first ( simpl.com) and that is great just for a simple website that u can set up yourself but nothing really to it and I turned to here at ( shopifey ) because I was using ( pintrest) and noticed a buy button on there and having a shopifey website I could use that buy pin button, I have also tried ( Instagram, tumblr, Twitter, igur, ) and even tried ( Reddit) and on Reddit you can try posting on forums that are close to what you are into or even selling so I tried ( silverbugs) and I was never treated so bad by the members as they all seemed to be this click that banned together and started bashing me and saying because I was avertising I was spamming them as I was not and I thought avertising on a silver forum when I am selling silver coins was a good idea until I found out later the group there  makes there own silver rounds/ coins and I guess I was more like a threat and compitition so instead I got thrashed and down voted and I tried to stick up for myself and even got banned, needless to say ( silverbugs) is a silver forum of clicks and if u are not a member of them then u are a outsider and they hate on you and bash you and even your coin design and I know the reason is because I was indeed compition and a threat anyway I found out the hard way that some methods don't work and that's why I'm on this thread to find out other ways other then the ones I've tried and try not to have a bad experience again like I had with that silver forum, so I started my own and it will invite anyone and respect anyone's opinions, ideas and even will let the group buy, sell and trade pier to pier when they earn the adaquate rep points and post counts and it won't be a click it will be silverbugs and silverstackers helping one another and the newbie about silver and economics, anyway I thought I would share that experience with this post as ways that can  actually turn into very negitive experiences when you are new like me and just trying to get your presence known and there are things I guess you just don't do I guess so I'm here trying to find out good methods to get noticed , so I appriaciate any help and opinions on ways to market myself and my silver coin series? My website is ( agsilverdojo.com) it is a shopifey website but using my own domain name and right now not going to activate it until I can get some positive awareness and methods to sell and make my website great and a success, my silver forum is ( Agsilverdojoforum.proboards.com)and my email is ( agsilverdojobullion@gmail.com)if anyone wants to help me please email me direct, also my Facebook page ect is all the same ( agsilverdojo) 

Thank you guys in advance and please don't get discouraged like I did when Realy trying and getting put down and thrashed because there are a lot of as...,.. Out there and you can't let a few come between your goals , aspirations and dreams, u need to just moving foward and remember 10 doors may close before one opens and it only takes one to make your dream lift off the ground! Sincerly Jay Scott ( agsilverdojo bullion) 

Jason scott