Which app works for you?

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If you are interested in adding a new channel to drive sales on your store, you should look at adding a Messenger marketing app.

Here's why Messenger works great as a channel:

  1. Messenger has pretty insane engagement rates right now, 4x the conversion rates of email, 80% open rates, 25% CTRs, you get the idea.
  2. People check their messenger multiple times a day and the overall medium is a lot more conversational, so you can build better customer relationships as well.
  3. Your messages sit right next to a message from a friend as opposed to a promotions tab or worse, spam.
  4. And finally, getting someone to become a subscriber on Messenger just involves clicking a button as opposed to entering an email address, correcting the typos and then clicking a button.

We have built an app called Convertfly that helps you set up abandoned cart and retargeting campaigns on Messenger in 5-10 mins. It comes with pre-built widgets that you just need to turn on and they come with best practices and Facebook's guidelines built into them. You just turn them on and then see revenue coming in automatically. Our early customers have been making $4-5K in new revenue in the first week or two itself.

If that sounds like something you want, you can get started here:


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The product should sell itself - good images and a nice site - check out these high end watch images https://www.ukspecialistwatches.co.uk

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Hi there,

You can check Segmentify Recommendation App for personalized product recommendations to increase your sales. https://apps.shopify.com/segmentify

Our recommendation engine tracks and analyzes the behavior of each visitor so that you can recognize and offer your visitors the most relevant products that they are most likely to purchase.

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Thank you for all those information. It is indeed very helpful especially for starters.

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We weren't going to respond because so many spam comments have been allowed to remain here, praising their own apps. But, here we go anyway, answering the OP's question.

The 5 apps we use most and are happiest with are the following (and why):

  • PrintFul - The quality of their fulfillment is unbeatable. The only problem we have with them is that we can order the exact same product from China, printed on demand, and that product from China will arrive days before the one from PrintFul. This is as far as apaprel. When it comes to other PrintFul items, they are always fast.
  • Printify - PrintFul competitor that we use because sometimes they have a better selection of quality apparel than PrintFul. For example, we almost exclusively use Bella + Canvas because not only do they have quality products, they make them with tear-away tags. They will be in trouble once American Apparel wakes up and start using tear-aways! Anyway, many times Printify's sources will have a Bella + Canvas item that PrintFul does not. Also, many of Printify's sources print on larger apparel areas. For example, on hoodies with front pockets, Printify prints over the pocket, and PrintFul does not. The only issue we have with Printify is that they have poor communication with their vendors. An example is a t-shirt we designed and ordered a month ago. After seeing it sitting in production for over 2 and a half weeks, we contacted Printify. They said that the vendor was out of that item (it was a plain white tee, can't remember the brand). Made no sense to us, but after about another week, we received it, from some shop in Brooklyn, NY. What bothered us is that this shirt was supposed to be extremley soft, yet it felt like a cheap Gildan!
  • Aftership Tracking & Returns - they both just make life easy!
  • Bulk Product edit by Hextom - we use this a LOT! whenever we need to make mass updates to products, this app is the best!
  • Kiwi Sizing Chart - we just started using this a week ago, but we already see how awesome it is. So, fo us, for each product, under "Product Type", we input the brand name. For example, if it is "Bella + Canvas 5301", that is what we put there. So then, in Kiwi, all we have to do is say we want this specific size chart to be matched with this specific product type, and we don't have to do anything else. For the thousands of SKUs we have, we only had to create about 23 sizing charts.

Okay, there goes your 5 :-).


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If you're losing sales because customers can't find where to put their coupon code, like many merchants reported in Shopify forums (eg. here or there)

I suggest you try the app Carter: Coupon Field in Cart 

Full Disclosure: my team and I built this app.


Carter - Coupon field in Cart | Shopify app

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Thank you so much for your detailed post! I don't own a Shopify store however one of my friend is a Shopify store owner, he told So many great apps can get from here. Thanks



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Oberlo is best for me. If you are looking for a business idea, or you are in need of a product to sell, Oberlo can help you. With Oberlo, you can search a marketplace of products that you can import directly into your Shopify store. When you receive an order, Oberlo will ship the product directly to your customers. There is no need for you to worry about packaging or shipping.

Next one is Klaviyo, that gives online store owners access to powerful email marketing automation at entrepreneurial speeds. With Klaviyo’s one-click Shopify integration, you can quickly set up email autoresponders, like abandoned cart emails, welcome series, and order follow-ups.


I chose Ecomfit - analytics tool for Ecommerce. I also recommend it to my friends having small businesses. It has Suggestion and Warning features which will help you understand and make decisions easier than before. It has a Free plan for small business (having 1.500 unique visitors/month)

Hope it helps. 

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With this application, instagram subscribers can be purchased and with this, sales of https: //ingramer.com can be raised. There are many different functions in this application.  can you give the store link?  thank you in advance.