Which app works for you?

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1. They changed their name to "inventorify" - https://app.inventorify.com/

2. i've asked their support the same question, and been told that its a new app and they pending approval to the official app store. it gonna take another week or two...anyway it dosent suppose to affect you, i'm using it for about three weeks now and it works perfect and saved me ton of time...

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Hi Shopify merchants and fellow app devs!

An update from our last post: 

We are in LIVE Beta and  totally free to try.

In order to grow your Shopify business you need to;

  • Not run out of stock continually
  • Not hang on to slow moving stock for too long, but turn it to cash instead
  • Know which product groups are turning the most profit for you and focus on them

The Prosperous Shop shows you WHAT'S HOT, WHAT'S NOT and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

  • We allow you to set up your cost prices and supplier lead times (essential for growth)
  • We suggest re-orders, then create those purchase orders for you
  • We suggest price markdowns then create those for you
  • We write back your order qty's back to Shopify when received
  • We write back your new reduced prices to Shopify
  • We allow you to break out your Shopify inventory BY LOCATION in a downloadable spreadsheet that we then track for you (larger stores, you may want to sign up and wait for our POS solution being released this summer)  ;)

We have a few more weeks in Beta testing - it's been a big job because it's a great app, so bear with us - we're pushing out daily updates right up until end of Feb and have had lotsof  tidying up to do. We hope to be in the app store shortly afterwards and are preparing for that as we speak.

A bit about us;

Founded by me, Karen Adams, retail merchandising systems expert, London based

We are a team of retail and tech professionals, based in London/Milton Keynes. We're passionate about and committed to your success and want to build the best tools possible for you. 

We're affiliated with;

Nat West Bank- Espark accelerator

The University of Buckingham


Give us a try here;


Kind regards,

Karen Adams

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This thread has become quite full of spam from app devs just posting their own app and not giving any feedback to the actual question. Those posts have been cleaned up to help get the topic back on track.

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Hi Stan and Bella,

I hope since you've posted you've gotten some more lift for your store. I know what it feels like, my store felt stagnated for a long time. But the catalyst for me was calling my customers. Calling is key because you can build a 2-way dialouge, and get real-time feedback to your questions, follow-up questions, etc.

I called two types of customers for two different reasons:

1. Abandoned Checkouts Customers: Because I wanted feedback from them. Why did they abandoned, did they find what they wanted? How did they hear about us? Why do they need the product? Is it solving a pain point for them, or it is serving a passion for them?

2. Best Customers: Call your best customer from each week, or each month. Just call to say thank you, express your gratitude, and then ask for feedback about your store naturally. Why did they buy, what else can you help them with, how did they hear about you, what do they like about your product? You should also ask for a review here too :)

What I'm trying to say is, the best way to learn about whats working and not working for your store, is to talk to the customers that fit in each of those experiences. Obviously those who abandoned their checkout, felt something was missing and therefor didnt buy. And those that bought alot, felt it was all good. Find out what each is, so you do less of what's not working, and more of what is working.

There is a really good app that helps you do this, that I helped make, called Scout. https://apps.shopify.com/scout-cart-recovery

It makes the phone calls really easy, and it also gives you the call scripts you should use. Even if you're shy this app will make it easy for you :)

Hope it helps!


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Some have said they use no app. To them I may be perceived as an app-aholic. I install, test, and routinely remove apps. Initially the goal was to replicate functionality when relocating domain here. Currently 18 are active with a half dozen more under consideration. Many are conduits. Some are free. Others can be considered expensive.

Asked about favorites, it is not a matter of installing whatever is popular. It is more a matter of defining business goals and seeing which tools help you accomplish them.

There is a need to edit invoices when customers make mistakes during checkout. That’s an app. A customer requested a PDF invoice; that’s another app. Returned packages for non-existing addresses led to a Google address verification app.

A method for different types of customers to automatically receive discounts on products related to their industries was discovered. This necessitates login – something most visitors resist. A a social media login app bridges the aversion.

An analytics app was required to understand the profile and behavior of tens of thousands of monthly visitors. After determining that 40 percent diverge from the core customer base, apps were integrated to match products to different audiences.

One day 2200 people read the same blog article. It became apparent that blog content is as valuable as the products. This led to an app that manages recurring subscriptions as it hides directories, products and pages based on whether visitors are logged in, subscribers, or past customers.

Each app forms an important part of a larger puzzle. Which are best is relative. Some simplify customer interaction. Others monetize intangible assets. Another app provides useful information on which to base decisions.

I hesitate to mention app titles because a perfected blend of compatible apps is what distinguishes one shop from competitors – the combination could be a trade secret. However, in the spirit of comradery, I am sharing sharing the process for discovery, which I trust is helpful.

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Hey guys, try our apps and give us your feedback: https://apps.shopify.com/partners/tabarnapp

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Hi there,

We are running the Printout Designer app on Shopify that allows you to create and design custom personalized templates. You can create invoices, packing slips, labels and more.

Using this, you can also e-mail, print or download hundreds of different orders with just a couple of clicks. Last year alone, we helped over 2,500 companies process over 500,000 orders. 

You can try out the app here: https://apps.shopify.com/printout-designer
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Believe it or not I have recently started blogging to bring awareness to Ethical eCommerce, it's a concern for everybody that markets on Facebook. We must attack our businesses with a customer first mentality. Look after them, let them fall in love with your business and give them products you can be proud of selling to them.

Spammy adverts, poorly designed website (no excuse) etc are unacceptable. 

On another note, the thing that matters after customer service is your product. Great products will sell with bad ads, bad products won't sell with the greatest of ads. :D

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As a company who have an app in shopify app store, I feel the choices of apps differ case to case, after going through all of the posts in this thread, I feel that our app addresses a whole set of different aspects. As an image editing app, we feel there is a need for every merchants to have an app which can help them with their product images needs. 

Insights from this thread will help us to develop the next app for valuable merchants to help them sell more! Mind taking a look at our current app? Here's the link.


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Pollen (apps.shopify.com/poln) is great! It handles the heavy lifting associated with FB ads and drives conversions. With its machine learning tech, Pollen learns more about your store and continually optimizes your targeting so the shoppers most likely to buy see your ads. 

Put your Facebook Ads on Autopilot - http://gopollen.com