White background photography

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trying to get a more professional look

i have tried several background removers, but i am working with jewelry and small holes, it is hard for me to use these programs


i have tried shooting the oictures on a white background already and playing with the levels, but the white never comes out the same

are there any other options to get the professional white background?

i also am willing to pay small prices (not more than 1.50$ a picture)


hope someone can help me

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Hi Kimberly,

We have some awesome blog articles on this! I've sourced some of the good ones, so check them out here:

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Here is an addition resource for your question.

Image White BackgroundImage White BackgroundPlain White Background vs. Photographing Products in ContextPlain White Background vs. Photographing Products in ContextPlain White Background vs. Photographing Products in Context https://removal.ai/plain-white-background-images/

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Hi Kimberley

What you are bsaically looking to do is deep etching of photos, best bet would be to use photoshop or an equivalent to do this. 
You would open the photo in PS (photoshop), hit Q on the keyboard (which enters into masking mode), select a brush (press b), and then start 'painting' over the image. (this usually takes a steady hand   )
you can alter the brush size in the top left of the screen. There is a little home icon, then the brush dropdown, then the brush size drop down..... or just alt+rightmouse button, then drag mouse left and right)

Once you have masked whatever you want to keep. you press Q again and that will create a selection outside of whatever you masked.
Then press ctrl+shift+i to invert the selection, copy(ctrl+c), press ctrl+D to deselect, then paste (ctrl+v), which should place your masked product on a new layer.
The layers palette should be lower right side of the window.
next to the trash bin on the bottom of the layers palette is a small square with a + in the middle, this is the 'new layer' button (or ctrl+shift+n)
if you drag this new layer just below your product layer (the one you masked), you can then fill the layer with white (ctrl+delete for background color, alt+delete for foreground color)

The other way of deep-etching the image is using paths to outline the product, but that is a bit more complicated.

photopea is an online photoshop replica, and what i described above works the same in photopea