Who else thinks Shitify support sucks?

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I had an issue with an app and needed the developer's help. This is the first time I have needed to contact app dev for support. I am not familiar with approving collaborators. i received an email from the dev telling me that I need to approve their request. Okay, so I go to admin and where am I supposed to find the request. I don't know. I check the forum, Can't find info of where the request is. I go to the chart and ask. The support gives me a link to an article that I already read that does not tell me where to find the request from the collaborator.

I finally find out, where, from YOUTUBE! And then when I ask in the support chat if this information is correct, the support person does not answer the question. WTF!? Plus, there is no request showing in the plans and permissions. I tell support that I am in Plans and Permissions and there is no collaborator request. He says to ask the dev to send another request. Dev sends another request and still no request showing. Support says, okay, we will update you by email. Goodbye.


About an hour later I think that maybe I need to be logged in as the store owner, because I am the designer (but I have all privileges).  BOOMBA! logged in as store owner and now I see the request. So why didn't support know to ask this? They knew that I was the one who was in the chat with the issue, not the store owner. They had my name and email. Not the store owner's? WHAT THE F people!. Get your shiaaat together and stop wasting the time of the customer and your staff.