Wholesale Channel vs Third Party Apps - Pricing based on "Compare at Price"

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I'm looking into B2B sales and wanted to add a wholesale option to our site.  I just found out about the "wholesale Channel" through Shopify Plus as an alternative to third-party apps and need things clarified.  I originally thought in the "online store" channel, I could just create tiered discount codes to specific customers based on the quantity of items purchased, but realize this won't work because we often run sales and this would essentially stack the discounts on top of the sale price and ruin profit margins.  Ex.  we run a 30% off sale.  I want the wholesale price to be based on the original price, Not the sale price.


1.  Is it possible to have discount pricing based on the "Compare at Price" versus the actual price of an item?

-We run weekly sales for some items.  The items on sale change from week to week by adjusting the price vs. the compare at pricing.  


2.   Can Shipping Cost be calculated based on weight, even though in the "online store" channel it is based on order value?

-We offer free shipping on orders over $50.  This pricing is calculated into the margins, but at a wholesale discount, we would be taking a huge hit if we were to offer 40% off plus free shipping.

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Hi @HandK,


Welcome to the Shopify Community!


I understand that you are comparing third-party apps with the Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel.


Your main concerns are about preventing discounts from stacking for wholesale orders – and also, preventing free shipping from applying to wholesale orders.


One amazing thing about Shopify Plus's Wholesale Channel, is that you get a separate, password-protected storefront for your wholesale customers.


Once activated, you can set separate wholesale pricing, shipping rates, etc. And the retail discounts will not apply to the wholesale orders.


When you upgrade to Shopify Plus, you will also be assigned a Shopify Launch Engineer, who will guide you through the process of properly setting up your Wholesale Channel. They will also help you improve many other areas of your business.


Aside from the wholesale benefits, there are tons of reasons to consider an upgrade to Shopify Plus:


  • advanced Shopify apps that are designed for high-growth merchants
  • a customizable checkout that gives you more control over the branding of your store
  • additional API calls that let you integrate with custom apps
  • the Merchant Success Program to help you get the most value out of Shopify Plus
  • a Launch Engineer who helps you get your store online faster by assisting with third-party integrations, and finding partners to work on design and development projects specifically for your business
  • unlimited staff accounts to allow you to grow your personnel without the risk of additional costs.
  • nine expansion stores for internationalization, separate physical locations, and other related purposes
  • access to exclusive beta programs to preview and influence the product roadmap
  • access to technology, agency, and solution partners with our Shopify Plus Partner Program
  • access to the Shopify Plus Academy for self-guided training on key topics related to growing your business
  • membership to the Shopify Plus Community on Facebook to share strategies and experiences with other high-volume merchants
  • the ability to add up to 100 themes on your Shopify account to try out any new themes, keep seasonal versions of your published theme, or test changes to a copy of your published theme
  • additional permission settings for more control over the actions your staff can take in your Shopify admin, including separate report export permissions and permissions to specific apps
  • the ability to sell in multiple currencies to expand your reach and develop a global-first mindset
  • a wholesale channel that lets you create a separate, password-protected wholesale store


These channels and apps can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:


As an ecommerce expert, I can tell you that the automation capabilities of Shopify Flow are just wonderful. This feature alone does the work of a dozen different third-party apps.


However, the biggest benefit of upgrading, is gaining access to the Shopify Plus team. These folks are dedicated to helping high-volume merchants reach the next level. They work with some of the world's largest and most successful brands. They know the best-practices and they will be excited to share them with you.


I give the same suggestion to every high-volume merchant, "If you're serious about growing your business on the Shopify platform, let's talk about upgrading you to Shopify Plus."


I hope this helps you make your decision. Do let me know if you have any further questions. Would be happy to discuss with you in detail how Shopify Plus's Wholesale Channel works.






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Just FYI: 


I've had shopify plus.  long time shopify customer and nothing was a bigger waste of money or buggier than shopify plus.  imagine spending over an hour on "chat hold" to answer the same questions over and over daily.  and i do mean daily. for bugs in their system or un/under-developed plus features.  It was awful.  wasted soooooo much money on developers when they didn't have answers to find out what was wrong with their code.  And, all of it under a contract. and no trial cause you'd know in days that you then have to work around their problems not getting a solution that helps your existing business.  there are 3rd party apps that we are going to start going through now that we've been able to migrate off shopify plus. but man, what a horrible experience.  we've lost so much revenue by standing up to shopify plus.  the way they get you is making you feel stuck.  but the headache isn't worth it.  and the store is ugly.  it's not customizable either as far as looks.  but that is the least of your issues.  you'll start to notice a poorly thought out system when you want to turn a normal customer into a wholesale customer.  Or, a phone order into a wholesale customer.  Or worse, your existing wholesale customers into shopify wholesale customers.  I assure you, don't waste your time.  Shopify is the single worst experience our business has been through and we do over 250k month in online sales.  I have more than 4 shopify based online stores which are great for small operations wanting to launch quickly but once you get into the weeds, it sucks.  this said, we are still on shopify for other reasons with 4 stores that do much less revenue. but don't make the shopify plus mistake.  move to a different platform if your revenue is there or find a 3rd party app in the meantime.