Wholesale and Retail

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We want to do a Wholesale and Retail site and I have read many ways to accomplish this.  They all seem to have something that is missing as far as functionality needed.  I am almost convinced that it is easier to do 2 sites just to avoid any unforeseen issues that make it difficult to have them work together down the road.  Here is a general wish list of how I would like to have the site work.  Any suggestions on the best way to achieve this would be very helpful.


  • Retail products will be sold in each's
  • Wholesale products will be sold in Cases
  • Create Wholesale account that needs to be activated by Admin before wholesale pricing can be viewed.
  • Retail customers can not see wholesale prices.
  • Some products are retail only
  • Fixed Shipping for Retail orders
  • Calculated shipping for wholesale orders
  • Seasonal product- would like it to still be visible but not let it be ordered.



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We are also doing a wholesale website and APP, we offer different kinds of products and buyer protection.

More over, we provides the lower price and small MOQ as low as one unit, so we help the sellers' business in some way.