Wholesale customer: Single accounts payable department, multiple retail locations

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Relatively new to shopify and one of my first posts... thank you for your patience.

My shopify store was built to expand into retail/commerce. For wholesale customers, I manually enter my wholesale orders in shopify for accounting (I don't need a second package like Quicken.) Wholesale payment is always outside of shopify. I have a customer with a single Accounts Payablem contact, where all invoices need to be emailed. However, the customer has multiple stores that order from me, and each want an invoice - each have a unique person ordering. These invoice can be printed, but I prefer to send via email, if possible.

I tried several different ways to configure this in shopify customer section... but I'm having no luck. Again, Accounts Payable always needs an invoice via email. The individual store placing the order can receive an invoice printed or email - I prefer email. However, accounts payable needs to know what store placed the order the order.

Shopify always flags me when I try and enter the account payable email address on more than one customer profile.


Suggestions appreciated.

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I have a similar question: I have a school that wants to provide a secret Santa where students can go on our site and purchase items then the school would get the final invoice and shipment. Payment of all orders would be made at time of delivery and probably not through Shopify unless it is a credit card payment. Can this be done?