Wholesaler scam or no?


Hi there, I keep getting emails from people wanting to do wholesale business with us. However, I'm not sure if it's a scam or not. Can anyone help me? I am interested in doing wholesale but not sure how to go about it just yet. Here is an example email:




Our company is a top 5000 Amazon seller that is selling in 7 Amazon Marketplaces and we have been in the online distribution industry for 6 years, We are a small team of 5 staff, I am part of an online community that lives eats breathes sleeps online marketing selling physical products, I would like to know if it we can set up a wholesale account with you. 


1. We don't require terms - will you accept credit card?


2. Also if it is not too much trouble do you have your product list available as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet (complete with UPCs) that you could send us?


Our company is based out of Wilmington Delaware , here is our tax number 37-1901198


Look forward to working with you.


Thanks and kind regards.


Chris Moal



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I just got the same exact email, a reply can't hurt and see if there is a real person on the other end, but I am a dropshipper and my website would make that pretty clear if you know what you are looking at, and my guess is they didn't even look at my website, just spam emailling.  What's their goal? I don't know but I don't plan to respond.