Why Can't I Remove Orders from Unfulfilled?

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We have a number of "unfulfilled" orders that we cannot remove from the Unfulfilled order section. These are either test orders or orders that were cancelled/refunded before being marked fulfilled.

Shopify support tells me they are there forever with no way to remove them and we were in error for not marking them fulfilled BEFORE cancelling or refunding. Why shopify requires us to mark an order an FULFILLED before Cancelling or refunding seems odd.

Basically if we stay with shopify for years, and human error kicks in by refunding before marking as fulfilled ( Again, why are we fulfilling an order before cancelling that is not getting shipped?) we will have collected a number of unfullfilled orders that we always need to remember "Wait, those are not orders we need tow orry about". 

I do not understand the logic of the steps. If an order need to be deleted from the system so the shipping team never sees them again, we should be allowed to delete it so it does not appear in the Unfulfilled system. We rely on the unfulfilled section daily to make sure we did not miss an order for shipment.

Please give me any thoughts you may have on this.Why can't we remove orders from unfulfilled?

Thank you

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I am dealing with the same problem.  It is really annoying that whenever I go to unfulfilled orders to print out new ones, I have to uncheck several orders that were cancelled.  Fun fact, I did in fact fulfill and order before cancelling it and it went back to the unfulfilled status after cancelling! Shopify NEEDS TO FIX THIS!

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Just got started with Shopify and although I love just about everything else about the platform, this is a MAJOR pain point.  Shopify, please consider modifying the logic on this feature so that merchants don't have to be worried about a bunch of "unfullfilled orders" that really aren't orders.

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Agree all around. This is frustrating beyond belief.

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Yup. Struggling with this now. My 3PL is trying to fulfill orders and sorting through this is a pain.

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I don't understand how a cancelled order could be fulfilled. This is the wrong way to do it!!

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Oh yes, we too would love for this to be solved by Shopify.  When we were in test mode and just before launch we also made several orders that were then refunded, and unknown that we had to mark them fulfilled first - so now they are stuck there.  Even tired to "archive" them but they still show up.  Annoying.  Please Shopify take care of this small issue.  Thank you.  organicexcellence.com

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Per the shopify help, it says nothing about fulfilling an order before Cancelling it:


Also, following their instructions to the 'T', I don't get the DELETE ORDER button at the bottom of the page.


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Is there any fix for this yet? It is becoming extremely annoying and they keep stacking up! :(

worst thing about shopify. I see people have been asking for years with no fix.

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Yes this is pretty lame!

What you can do is add a filter with status is 'open' and then click the 'Save this seach' button to create another tab. That will exclude cancelled orders...

Not ideal, but this is a work around.

Also, I have an app that may help here. Yes I know, many of you don't want to install an extra app just to fix something that simple. BUT it may provide some relief to some.

Better Reports comes with several of reports that can help with fulfillment (see attached screenshot).

-The 'Orders pending fulfillment' report shows all orders with an unfulfilled/partial fulfillment status that are not cancelled.

-The 'Variants pending fulfillment' report shows the quantity pending fulfillment for each variant (across all outstanding orders)

I hope that helps...