Why Google Merchant Center Diagnosis is so unstable?

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I just realised that, the diagnosis of my approved products in  GMC can change from time to time, even I didn't change any data /touch anything of my files. 

Some days all items are active 100% fine. Another day, can suddenly some products are diagnosed "missing value"  "missing gender, group" while THEY HAVE BEEN FILLED these data CORRECTLY. Some day suddenly said Domain mismatch. 

One day ago, I checked 100 % active, NO ERROR.  Today it suddenly diagnosed "Mismatched value (page crawl) [price]"  While I didn't work on weekend , and didn't change any data/ files. 

What's wrong with them actually? In such case, I'd gradually just ignore their diagnosis. Because it's ridiculous. The diagnosis changes from time to time, while I didn't changed my product data at all.

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These kinds of issues keep on arising because your account is getting crawled continuously by Google bots and hence you see these kinds of messages. You just need to make sure that your website price should not be dynamic. And you are not violating any policy laid down for Google Shopping. 

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Domain missmatch, is a serious issue. I'm surprised you are getting this error. I recommend you contact your data feed supplier immediately.

Everything you mention, if you have added this data, and the data feed is random, it clearly shows there is an issue with the app you are using.

Get in touch with the support team of your app you are using.

I use Datafeedwatch myself and never had this issue.

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