Why Klaviyo Unsubscribed users still "Accept Marketing" and cannot re-subscribe ?

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I have shopify with klaviyo integration. My template has newsletter subscription forms and I also use klaviyo popup. People can subscribe and they are added to a klaviyo list. No problem so far.

The issue is, if someone unsubscribe from a newsletter, this creates a bunch of weird issues/conflicts:

  1. Inside klaviyo their profile will be marked as suppressed, however they still have the “accept marketing” status set to “true” in klaviyo AND shopify … Why? … it feels extremely awkward to have a “accept marketing” set to true while also being unsubscribed/suppressed… This means, in shopify, this user still looks like a current subscriber. 

  2. If a user unsubscribed and wants to subscribe again using a form from the shopify template, then the user will fill the form and submit but he will not be subscribed again, and there are no message being displayed telling the user that the subscription failed… This is extremely bad. On the other hand, if the user uses the klaviyo popup to subscribe again then the subscription will work and the “suppressed” status will be removed, thats good, but it should also work on standard template subscription forms?

Are these bugs? or intended “features” ? shopify or klaviyo limitations? any potential fix or workaround ?