Why am I not getting sales? Shopify experts help!!!

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Hi I started a streetwear clothing site Bosstendencies.com about 3 weeks ago and people have begun adding products to their cart and signing up for the newsletter but I have not gotten any sales. What's missing? What am I doing wrong? And what can I improve upon? My Instagram is @Bosstendencies I do have plans with a Instagram influencer who has over +120,000 for them to wear one of my products and post it on their Instagram but I want to make sure I'm not making any major mistakes before I take that big step.

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Well, could be many different reasons. For one it is only your third week. There are cases when the stores become an overnight success but for the majority, it takes between 3-6 months to see sales. 

In the meantime, you can try adding reviews, ensure that prices are seen right away, send reminders regarding left products in the shopping cart. Communicate that it is free shipping and of course continue advertising.

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Hey Damon,

My overall webstore impression is absolute fine! Of course there are some points, which are worth to improve, but it happens almost with any website. I trully don't understand the meaning of this background, which is shown at full screen, but it's just my thoughts...

If you already receive some decent traffic to your webstore and don't understand why you still cannot receive any purchase, then you should play with different apps to implement upsell features. I can see that you are using "recently bought" plugin currently, but it can't be enough.

With a wide experience in this field we suggest you to install the following solutions created by our company:

  • Upsell Bundles. Create Bundles using the most efficient method without creating hidden duplicates! Add 1-click Add to Cart button to the whole bundle!
  • Upsell Motivator. Do you offer "Free Shipping" or "Free Gift" on orders of certain amount? Inform your clients about it using a beautiful pop-up bar!
  • Countdown Timer. Do you plan to run sales at your store? Encourage users to quickly purchase products when they see the Dynamic Countdown Timer Bar.
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Hey Damon,

One thing I noticed is that it's not easy for your customers to contact you if they have any questions, which is super important in terms of getting conversions. As a customer browsing a store I often have questions regarding shipping, returns, sizing etc and it's just not great if I can't get those answers readily.

Right now while they are browsing your store, they have to click on the Contact Us link to get to a separate page which takes them out of the context of whatever product they were looking at in order to submit a question to you.

We have an app that lets you embed a contact widget on your site so your customers can contact you. Feel free to check it out here https://apps.shopify.com/reamaze . You can also see it in action on our home page: https://www.reamaze.com . It's free for 14 days so you can see if it works out for you.



Reamaze - Customer Communications Platform for Shopify at https://apps.shopify.com/reamaze.
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Hello Damon,

Do you have the abandon cart feature setup? Do you have reviews displayed on the product detail pages? Are you using Facebook ads to aquire new customers? These are a few practices that may help. If you have any questions, or need help with your online store, contact me at info@ecartatlanta.com or visit our website at http://ecartatlanta.com.


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I have been on shopify for over a year and have little to no sales. I contributed it to all the hardships going on in the world. But it has not improved. I am paying dearly for a website with no sales. People will respond and tell you to add this or that or you will have some that come in Nd offer to fix it for a fee. I am on facebook, and advertise. But nothing has helped. I am fustrated and thinking about moving to another platform. The only reason I have stayed with shopify is because they have a built in payment platform.  But other sites are going in that direction,  which will give more options. I have found that shopify is not so cut and dry as stated.  You have to add this for a fee and add that for a fee and their shipping profiles are awfully  complex.  Just to the point it is time to move the shop to another location.