Why do does one product display all pictures of variants?

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I'm having problem with figuring out why one product displays all products and variants on the left side of the main product. For an example, this product A have 2 more variants, i'll call these variants for B and C. When i click on A, the product will show up as the main product, and displayed with a picture. On the left side of the displayed pictures, there are several other pictures of the same product (A), however, product B and C, will be displayed on the left side as well. Every product with different variants, has the same results.  What i want is for product A to only display the different images of that variant. In this case, all the variants shows up, when product A is displayed.


The products have been setup up with different variants, under all products page>variants.


Heres the site: https://bookman.se/collections/bike-lights-be-seen/products/eclipse?variant=4907594481705

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I really need help with this, any help would be appreciated!


Heres a link to the site: