Why does Shopify Payments need proof of inventory?

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We received an email telling us that as part of a standard review, we had to provide multiple documents within 7 days to prevent disruptions to our payouts. These included photo ID, proof of business association, proof of address, and proof of inventory. We've sent everything except proof of inventory.


For proof of inventory we need to provide,"Dated invoices from suppliers outlining quantities or dated manufacturing agreement". 


Why is proof of inventory needed? The Risk Analyst couldn't, or wouldn't, provide any clarification. We have over 120 items in our store. We track our inventory. Some items are custom made here at our facility, some are purchased and we use many different suppliers. Do we really need to pull someone away from their already very busy schedule to go through every item in our store and match it to an invoice to send to Shopify, then gather invoices for all the materials for the products we make in house? If so, I need to understand why.