Why does the Collections function work for some products and not others?

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I'm building my first Shopify store and I thought this was a beginners mistake - but it looks a bug in Shopify that has been there for years based on other threads in this forum.

All my products that need to be live are live. They were all created the same way - I built one product then duplicated it for all the others.

All of my collections work, except for one. I have tried recreating the collection. Tried building it manually, tried building it automatically - the same thing happens every time. Inside the Collections edit screen I can see the products that should be in the collection - so Shopify is parsing the data correctly at this stage. But when I go to view the collection I get this error message:

Sorry, there are no products matching your search.

But as you can see, Shopify knows they exist in this collection.
collections edit screen.png

Any ideas on why this bug has continued for so many years, and any other errors that I should be aware of before I switch from my woocommerce site - never had a bug like this.