Why e-commerce need a native mobile app?

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I would never download an app for a store that I don't use frequently. I have walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, and ASOS. Why would someone want your app as opposed to just visiting your site?

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Hi Seoev

I often wonder too. However, research seems to suggest that

  • majority of users would prefer to use an app over a mobile site
  • app users spend more time in an app than on mobile sites
  • probability of return visits is higher with apps
  • higher spend using apps
  • lower cart abandonment
  • faster
  • better UX
  • branding / loyalty
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - capitalized because everyone seems to rave about this particular benefit of apps

Those are the reasons marketers (usually by companies who peddle ready-go-click app solutions) would have us believe. But in light of recent advances in mobile first web technology, I really do not see any benefit other than push notifications - which personally, I'd find VERY annoying coming from a shopping app.

Just my 2 cents.

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Karl, yeah absolutely agree with you regarding push notifications:) They are really annoying for me as well :)

I also saw such reports.... but it does not match my personal experience. I will try to dig deeper here, and find what are the real reasons for these conslusions.

In the meanwhile can we perfom our own small research?

I have created a poll in google - https://goo.gl/forms/KvDWGLIpuKHWQOVu2

 There are basically 2 questions:

  1. Do you use native apps or website for shopping from mobile?
  2. As a SELLER do you want to have a native app for your online store?

Anyone reading this post, please, participate in the poll 

Your contribution will be highly appreciated


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 Why would someone want your app as opposed to just visiting your site?

Improved functionality, tools, deals, data usage, offline browsing, speed.

However several internet standards have improved to the point that native apps are not going to be needed anymore to give simple bonuses as users can basically install your website as a PWA including adding icons to the users homescreen.

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For an E-commerce business, a mobile app is something that is pivotal.

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I will suggest you to have mobile app for your eCommerce website because it will help you in getting more traffic and sales for your products.