Why is My shopify store is unavailable

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when i was setting up my store everything was working perfectly fine until i changed my store country address and my credit card details to another country bank account. All of a sudden my store was shut down and whenever i try to login it it says " this shop is unavailable". Can i please get my store re opened? Thanks 

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Same thing happened to me last week as well.  Been over 5 days now and still no words from them as to why my store was shut down.  

How long did it take them to get back to you? And your store is now back and operational? 

I don’t know what to do so anything you can share would be much appreciated.  

Thank you

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Hi, @MiladAkkary 

With your situation, I have an article to answer your question right here: Why is my Shopify Store unavailable? Hope it can help

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Hi @MiladAkkary 

There are some reasons for the unavailable Shopify store. Normally, these types of issues are triggered by the Shopify theme customizations or apps. In these cases, you can fix this problem by restoring a backup, uninstalling apps, hiring someone for advanced troubleshooting, to solve this issue quickly, I'd recommend you reach out to the Shopify customer support team.

To learn more about reasons for an unavailable Shopify store as well as how to get support from the Shopify team, you should read this article.

Hope it helps!

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