Why is PRICE not included in view ALL PRODUCTS page?

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this is a message for the Shopify team.

When in PRODUCTS > ALL PRODUCTS screen, there's no PRICE column. Even playing with additional filters, it's not possible to set the page so that I can see PRICE next to each product.

Why is this? 
It would be very helpful to see them all on one screen,  so that it's easier to analyze price strategy for the store.

Default columns at the moment are : PRoduct Name, Status, Inventory, Type, and Vendor. But PRICE should be in there too.

At the very least it should be added among the FILTERS, and be toggled ON/OFF.

It should be something very easy to implement. Please don't tell me I need a third-party app for this.

Pls Let me know.

thank you


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I need this too. 

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Agreed! Please make this a feature, Shopify