Why is Shopify Wholesale only offered through Shopify Plus... AND SOO Expensive?

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Hi, I have been with Shopify for over 4 years and have a small but quickly growing all-natural facial, bath and body product company.  I am starting to build out with wholesale clients in addition to my retail market and would love to be able to use a wholesale app that actually works well (all the ones I have tried through the app store are cumbersome and my clients hate the experience). It seems to me that Shopify's version of a wholesale storefront based off my current store would work seamlessly, making for happy clients and wasting less of our time.  

Currently, the HUGE PROBLEM is that I can see it is only offered through Shopify Plus at either $299/month or $2000/month (depending on where I look).  That completely knocks me out of being able to afford this service.  This doesn't make sense!

It has been my experience that Shopify usually wants to help the little guy to grow, but in this case, there is no support to help us. If you would make this feature available at the $79/month level, or let us add it on for $25/month or something, that would help up to get closer to being one of the big guys and then we would be able to make the jump to $299/month for those features.  As it stands this feature is only affordable for large companies.

Please reconsider this and help us smaller stores out.


Roshan Richards


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Hi I highly doubt Shopify would even take that as its one person.

They spend millions of dollar on infra and other costs. They have to get the money out and this is the best way for them.


if they stopped charging this amount they won't be able to even sustain the pressure


In this case you can go for custom solution which would cost a lot of money initailly not monthly.

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@Roshan_Richards wrote:


It has been my experience that Shopify usually wants to help the little guy to grow....

Please reconsider this and help us smaller stores out.

There is nothing "little" about facilitating wholesale and makes perfect sense in being a premium along with other features that are more common in the enterprise than in the small business.

Additionally the wholesale channel offered with shopifyPlus is not a solution 100% guaranteed to fit any single merchants needs "seamlessly.

It has limited customization options and other edge case issues that you would need to agree to an expensive year long contract to discover on your own.

More further with shopifyPlus wholesale is just one of the many premium features made available and

That's how shopify has arranged that value proposition and this is unlikely to change soon until several other things become available first some that could make a wholesale channel irrelevant anyway.


ShopifyPlus and off the shelf wholesale apps are not the only options available to merchants wanting to do wholesale.

A separate store with backend automation is the go to answer for small business and should not be ignored because of some ideal that they are owed X feature.

The other less favorable way is two sets of inventory on one store again with backend automation.

The bigger investment answer is custom stores and custom apps and process so the platform available features becomes less relevant.



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