Why is there STILL not a "is not equal to" option in the condition drop-down for product tags?!?

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Just based on a quick web search there have been MANY requests for this option over the years. Why has it still not been implemented? 

We have over 1,500 designs offered on up to 9 different shirt styles. We're trying to create a Smart Collection featuring best sellers excluding any designs tagged with "politics" or "political" so as not to offend potential customers whose views might not align with our liberal/progressive ones. We want to then use this Smart Collection to create a product feed in Klaviyo for email marketing purposes.

Going in and manually adding all but 50 designs to a collection is NOT an acceptable workaround. I get the reasoning behind not offering "contains", "starts", "ends", "less than", etc. for product tags, since tags are whole values by nature. That said, even if Shopify devs don't want to muddy the waters by making every conditional option available for the "product tag" option, at the very least they should make the inverse of the one conditional option that IS available an option for those of us that have large inventories and don't have days to manually add 12,000+ products to a collection in an attempt to exclude FOUR tags from it.

Gurus, PLEASE bug the dev team about this. Even if not every Shopify seller uses Smart Collections in this way, I've happened upon dozens of complaints and requests about this issue in researching a workaround — some going as far back as 2006, and many as recently as mid-2016. 

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Hi Matt,

I randomly stumbled on this post, so I'm sure you either found a solution already or gave up trying.  I had the same issue with a client project, and we found an app (not free) that let's us do a bit more complex logic with "Smart Collections."

It has a slight learning curve, but let's you do some NOT (exclusion) type logic.  One way to do this is to tag all your items in the "Politcs" - make a hidden collection called "Politics' and exclude it from your "Best Seller" collection. 


Hopefully it works for you!


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Hi there Matt!

Don here from Shopify!

I can certainly bug our developers about this on your behalf. :)

I will file a feature request for this for you now so it's brought to our dev team's attention again.

While we can't give a timeline on or even guarantee that a given feature will be added we do rely on honest feedback from our merchants to know what is being looked for out there.

Let us know here or via our support site if there's anything else we can help out with or any other features you'd like to request. :)

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Don - Any update from Shopify's side on this request? Looks like it's been about 7 months since you filed a ticket with the dev team. Thank you.

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Hello! We just developed an app for creating collections from smart collections while excluding tags - https://apps.shopify.com/advanced-custom-collections

It auto syncs so you don't have to worry when you update or create new products.


Hope this helps resolve the issue. Please try it out and let us know your feedback!

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Just reached a point in my client project where having a conditional for `product tag - does not contain - string` would be highly beneficial. Bumping topic.

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I'm finding it confusing we can see the option but can't select it. Has it been developed? If not, why show the option?

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Hello Mscheurich,


did you get an answer for your question?


Thx, Winfried