Why is this scammer still online?

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Hey hughjazscheens, my friend!


Awesome post. You nailed it. Yes indeed, retsho.com, robyfy.com, and a few other such copycat scam websites on Shopify.com are gone (for the moment) thank goodness. Also, searching for SSD (as I was doing) in google.com no longer brings up an advertisement link to any of the retsho/robyfy gang. I hope that means Google removed the gang's fraudulent ad campaigns. Let's also hope Apple Pay, VISA, and other electronic payment methods have dumped the retsho/robyfy gang as well.



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So several of you did your due diligence and I did not. Definitely smacked my face on the concrete this time. My question is, having made a purchase with Damilsha just prior to the shop being made unavailable, do I have any course of action for getting my money back? Or am I just S.O.L.? The shop isn't responding to email and as has been stated earlier their number is disconnected. 

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Why does it take so long for Shopify to remove fake stores?  Kenaishop.com is another scammer that I have repeatedly complained about, and I'm not the only one complaining about this website.  I have pointed out numerous inconsistencies in their website such as; fake emails, numerous addresses inside and outside of the US, numerous owners listed, PayPal listed as payment, but not available, phone support listed - but no phone listed...


I'm on a one-man crusade to boycott stores on the Shopify platform.  That'll teach ya.  Hehehe.


Shut them down, please.

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I learned how to report the scammer’s ad campaign to Google. Within days
Retsho.com and numerous related sites were gone. I also learned how to
report their use of Apple Pay to cutoff their fraudulent use of such