Why my other location is not showing in checkout/payment screen

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I need help please. I added an app called Zapiet in my store to enable date and time picking. My store is only for pick up only. However I noticed the following when checking out a test order:

1.) In the cart, I can choose the pick up location, time and ate




2.) When I click checkout, the location for pick up had changed



3.) When I click change, the option of Vincenzo's Merrylands in not there




I have both locations configured in my LOCATIONS settings. 


My questions will be:

1.) How can my cart location ties up with the one in the checkout page?

2.) Have anyone use Zapiet app?






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Hello Raiza, 

From what I understand from your screenshots, it seems like you are currently using the Shopify Local Pickup option, alongside of our Store Pickup + Delivery app.

We aren't recommending to use both options at the same time, as they aren't communicating together. The location you'll see at checkout will be the one that you have configured in your Shopify's Local Pickup option, regardless of the location selected on our widget.

I would recommend you to either choose the Shopify Local Pickup option or the Store Pickup + Delivery app, but not to use them together.

Don't hesitate to contact us at support@zapiet.com, or through our online chat, if you have more questions