Why my store is not converting ??

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Hey guys,

So I launched my store 2 months ago, and I made a lot of change ever since, but the problem is still the same. Why my store is not converting ?

I had a lot of product, social proof, and I invest a lot in ads, I use Kit to drive me qualified product, but in one month I only got 5 sales.
My store is fast enough

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Also I would like to change a little thing, my theme is DEBUT and instead of "Solde" which means Sales (beside of the price), I would like to put "XX% save", i already have the code, is just that I cannot find  where should I edit that ?

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I know that if I can fix one thing or two, I will have more sales. 

So what am I doing wrong ?

Here is my store : www.lesamours.fr


Thank you !!

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For the % sale change in Debut, you will find the correct place to add / change the code you say you already have will be in Snippets / product-price.liquid at the very end of the file where you find

  <div class="price__sale">
      <span class="visually-hidden visually-hidden--inline">{{ 'products.product.sale_price' | t }}</span>
      <span class="price-item price-item--sale" data-sale-price>
        {{ money_price }}
      <span class="price-item__label" aria-hidden="true">{{ 'products.product.on_sale' | t }}</span>

Make your edits there.


As for your low conversion rates, I can't advise - not a CRO expert. Maybe someone else can help with that.


Best wishes!

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Thank you for your response, 

When I changed the code in this file, it also show the update thing in the product template, I want it to be displayed only on the collection list template. 

is it possible ?

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Sure, add a parameter to your snippet and use that to control what gets shown by the snippet if a product-template calls it or collection-grid-item. Alternatively, simply duplicate the snippet and have one be like the original, the other with your change. Call one snippet from the product-template, the other from the grid item template.

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