Why not Ebay UK integration?

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Hi guys, I`m wondering why you wont do integration for ebay UK ?

I heard amazon uk has same issue. 

I`m new to shopify and the reason i chose it because of ebay integration - nobody advertised that wont work in UK!!!!

How did i knew- i tried to upload my goods to ebay account which led to SUSPENSION for ''suspicious activities''. How mad is that !!! Then trying to restore my account - surprise surprise ebay uk team told me there is no such thing as shopify integration for UK .

You take our money - same fee as us sellers so better do give us same benefits too - or make the fee less.

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Codisto is an app you can consider using if you wish to integrate your Shopify products to eBay UK and at the same time on Amazon UK.

It's a paid app but it does provide much greater functionality than the Shopify free solutions (even if they were available for the UK).

Please see https://codisto.com for details. Feel free to contact us via the site if you have any questions.