Why the google search console didn't indexed my collection to different pagination?

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So, basically I want when people search my website on google, they can see the pagination like Chains, Rings, all those different collections under my meta description like this.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 5.31.20 PM.png

but however, when I search my website is doesn't work this way, it's just only have the home page, like this

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 5.33.16 PM.png

I did add the search engine listing preview and the sitemap and the google search console also did index my website too, but the pagination is now showing up as what I want,

can someone please help me? 

My website: www.icemansociety.com

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 5.34.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 5.36.51 PM.png