Why your Shopify store has suddenly become unavailable

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Why your Shopify store has suddenly become unavailable

You worked very hard to launch your Shopify store. After a few weeks of hard work, you started getting sales. Then one morning, you wake up all happy to start getting results to see the sales your online store made overnight, but unfortunately, you discover that your online store is unavailable. Oops! What’s going on?

At first, you think it’s because of your internet connection or your browser, and you reload the page, but nothing changes. You switch browsers and devices, clear your browser’s cookies and cache, but unfortunately, your online store is still unavailable.

You think it’s a bad dream, you rub your eyes thinking you’ll get out of this unpleasant dream, but unfortunately, your online store is gone. So what happened to your online store? How can you recover your online store?

Dear store owner, calm down and take a deep breath!

First, dear store owner, calm down and take a deep breath. Well, what am I saying? Yes, please sit down and take a minute to clear your head. So can I continue? Have you cleared your mind? That’s great. Now we can continue.

What I just described sometimes happens online. Find below some possible error codes (423, 429, 503, 504, etc.) you may see when this happens. These error codes are codes describing the state of the server hosting your website.

503 error – Shopify store unavailable503 error – Shopify store unavailable



400 Error – The page is not working400 Error – The page is not working 

A few months ago, some Shopify store owners noticed that the credit card payment option was temporarily unavailable on their online store. Their customers went to a competitor’s Shopify store, and it was the same thing they noticed. So it’s not always the entire store that will be unavailable. Sometimes specific services (Shopify admin, checkout, storefront, third-party services like payment gateways, etc.) of your online store may stop working. Just remember not to panic and that this is something that happens from time to time online.

Why has your Shopify store become unavailable?

As a Shopify development company in Melbourne, we sometimes come across store owners who panic as soon as they see their online store become unavailable. Your online store can suddenly become unavailable for many reasons, so always keep in mind that you are unresponsible for this.

The first important thing to note when your store becomes unavailable is to look at the error code.

Status codes 5xx mean that there is a temporary problem with the server hosting your online store. A 503 Service Unavailable error means that your website is temporarily unavailable. The most common reasons for a 503 error are maintenance or a server’s temporary overloading due to a sudden spike in traffic.

If your online store is unavailable due to a 423 error code, you have a more serious problem. This error code means that your store is currently locked. Shopify may decide to lock a store if it (one of its applications) repeatedly exceeds its API request limit, or if it has an issue, such as a detected compromise or fraud risk.

How can you recover your online store?

If your online store has been frozen or blocked (423 error code, detected compromise, fraud risk, etc.) by Shopify, you need to contact Shopify support with your store ID. Shopify admin is often unavailable for frozen stores, so it’s sometimes impossible to contact support with your store ID. If this is your case, then you need to contact support via email or LiveChat. It will be faster and more efficient.

If your store is unavailable due to a 503 error or any error other than 423, check the status page for reported service outages. Please note that some outages may only affect online stores in a particular region. So be sure to log into your store on the status page and check for incidents. And most importantly, visit the Shopify community to share what’s happening to you, learn from other merchants, or get help from Shopify experts.

Shopify Status – Check Shopify Server StatusShopify Status – Check Shopify Server Status

Find below the status of an online store:

Shopify Status – Shopify Server Status of a specific’s storeShopify Status – Shopify Server Status of a specific’s store

If you are having trouble accessing your store status, make sure you have merged your Shopify accounts using the single sign-on experience.

Summarizing, please note…

Please note that 5xx errors are errors caused by the server. These are errors that leave you with only one choice: wait for an effective solution.

On the other hand, for 404 errors, most often caused by you or your staff, never waste time waiting, but rather learn to deal with them faster when you encounter them. They are the worst enemy of your online store.

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