Will Shopify ever get around to giving us the option for +Handling Days?

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USPS estimates have been extremely inaccurate since the start of COVID-19. They announced in April 2020 that both First Class and Priority Mail were moving to 3-4 days, but this still isn't reflected in the estimates shown to customers. We have frustrated clients wanting to know why they paid extra for Priority Mail when it's arriving no faster than First Class.

This could be easily rectified by giving us the option to add + Handling Days to shipping services. It would take very little effort and offer us a perfect solution to this problem. It has been requested dozens of times on these forums dating back years, but as of 2021 it is still not available.

We've contacted support a number of times regarding this. The only option they can offer us is to add a text blurb at checkout saying that the shipping estimates are wrong. That looks horribly unprofessional for one, and having tried it anyways, I can confirm it frequently goes overlooked.

Is there any chance we're ever going to get some sort of feature to address this problem? As it stands right now, the shipping times shown are bordering on false advertisement.