Will Shopify work for my wife's business

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My wife has an embroidery/custom sewing business that is a few years old.  We paid someone to build a website but the fees and maintenance were too much.  And we really didn't see much benefit from it.  Right now my wife has two retail locations (consignment stores) that she displays merchandise in.  The retail locations collect all the money and give her a check at the end of the month minus rent and sales tax.  The main place were we need help is from orders that she gets from facebook, freinds, word of mouth that contact her directly.  Would we be able to create invoices and then send them to the customer with a link to pay?  Also, we have ran into issues with order management (what orders need to be finished, etc) Is there a way to track orders that need to be completed?  Obvioulsy we will put some item up on a shopify site but we are mainly needing some order management and billing help.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Hi David,

From the sound of it, Shopify could work wonders for you and your wife. It does take a bit of time to get your site customized to your liking, but will definitely be worthwhile.

Instead of receiving orders through so many avenues, the Shopify store will allow you to streamline all of your other sources in to one location. You will have detailed information about the orders that are placed, collect payment and provide invoices to your customers.

In addition, you will be able to link your Shopify store to social media (i.e. Facebook). There are a ton of great tools and also a helpful community and Guru team to support you through your journey.


http://docs.shopify.com/manual - Find online manuals to help your customize and improve your store




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It sounds like it would be a great fit, David! :)

All of the orders that are processed through Shopify will show up in the 'Orders' area and can easily be looked up by order number, customer name, etc. They'll also show as 'unfulfilled' until you've marked them as 'fulfilled' so you'll be able to know which ones are taken care of, or still need to completed.

She'll also have her own website for selling her work, and be able to sell right through Facebook which could save some time with order management too! If any orders are coming through right in person there's Shopify Mobile and/or Shopify Mobile to enter the orders through an iPad/iPhone as well :)

The one thing that isn't available as a builtin feature is the ability to create an invoice and send it to the customer to pay, but it is available through an app called Custom Orders

If you have any more questions or thoughts, fire away! Hopefully this helps! :)

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Hey David! Hope I’m not too late to the show but I think Shopify would work wonders with what your wife is looking to achieve with her business. 

Not only would you guys be in control of the website and the features, not really needing to go through a middle person who may have their own ideas of a "schedule" but you could potentially reach a larger customer base with all the features that Shopify offers.

With all the available apps through Shopify you can make your website how you want and need it for not only you but your customers.

It might seem daunting to setup the site, but with all the help on the forums and through support I'm sure you'd be pleasantly surprised how simple it can be.

Hope you find what you need!


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Hey David,
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