Will we ever get the feature to merge customers?

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Hey there.


I'm wondering why there still hasn't been a change in the platform to give merchants the ability to merge customers. I've gone and searched through numerous threads that are now more than 3+ years old with hundreds of comments from merchants asking to have the ability added. Shopify created a facebook group recently to get more opinions on all things Shopify, and in the few weeks it's been open, numerous threads asking for the ability have also been created. In every thread in the discussion boards, a Shopify staff member simply comes on and says they'll submit a ticket. I'm starting to feel like Shopify isn't listening to its merchants. Not having this feature is incredibly annoying and messed with a lot of our rewards systems. Please add this feature soon, or I will have to start looking at other platforms, as my customer base is increasing a lot and I don't have the time to constantly go through and find duplicates for rewards. Thanks!

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