Wondering about Tags and if they are indexed/can be accessed using product.tags[index numbe] ... etc

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I am trying to add more specific descriptors to my products for description tables I have on each product page without going through an app.  I have given each product their necessary tags (For example: 1, 2, 3, 4    in the tags column on the shopify upload) and tried to access them on my product pages by using code involving product.tags[index].  For example, I would hope that product.tags[0] for the example above would give the result of "1". However, they are not aligning like this and it seems like there is a somewhat randomness to how the tags are displayed when you try to index them (they aren't aligned with the proper value).  I was wondering if tags actually are indexed when you upload them to Shopify or if they are just stuck into a random assortment of tags, because the latter is what it seems like right now.  

If anyone can figure this out or knows a way to source tags through indexing and could tell me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.