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Hello everyone.  I'm brand new to this site, and ecommerce in general. I've done a ton of reading but I'm still super green and would very much appreciate any help or insight you all might have to offer.

I'm trying to set up a website for my wife's fledgling business. We have a very small budget and so are quite limited in our options for up-front purchasing.  I purchased the domain and hosting some months back on bluehost and am just now getting going to on building her site. After doing a lot of reading I decided I wanted to start her off using shopify lite, because the monthly commitment is manageable until we are able to start making some significant sales. To that end, I want to confirm a couple things:

Shopify Lite is purely a plugin that is for creating the buy button on a self-hosted site, correct?  

Assuming the above is true, my biggest difficulty right now is that I cannot seem to find a good wordpress theme that is not built around woocommerce.  

My ultimate goal is to start small with the shopify lite option, and then as sales hopefully pick up, to migrate to a proper shopify online store.  So obviously if a good ecommerce theme is out there that can be had for free ( ideal ) and does not depend on woocommerce to function, I'd love to know about it.  I am also open to paid themes as long as it'll work well with shopify lite.

To give you an idea of scale here, I expect my wife to have approximately 20 items with 2 variations on each item. So each store item would require a dropdown to pick either the (A) or (B) variant... 

The theme that I was hoping to use (but it seems to be crippled without woocommerce) is Kadence Themes " Virtue " 

I need something along those lines.

By the way... I am open to other platforms besides wordpress if they will integrate with shopify lite. I just have zero idea what those would be!

Thanks for your time!


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Hey Robert! 

Dave here from  the Guru Team :)  

It's great that you're joining Shopify! While I can't give recommendation on themes etc. outside the platform there's just one or two things I can help with here with us. 

With regards to the Lite Plan - this essentially gives you the "Shopify Basic" Plan just without the Online Store. So if looking to sell without the online store this is a great option. Along with the ability to use the Buy Button you will also be able to open a Facebook Store along with selling on Pinterest, POS etc. So you have lots of options on top of the Buy Button to help drum up sales for your wifes store. You'll find more information on available sales channels here.

I hope this helps! 

All the Best, 
Dave | Shopify

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