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Hey guys & gals,

I know this topic (wordpress blog vs shopify blog) has been discussed previously, however I can't stop thinking about creating a wordpress blog for the sake of personalising it more than Shopify allows.

I planned for my blog to be a big part of customer enagement & one of my main tools for driving traffic & just a bit disappointed by some of the limitations. 

My question is : does anyone have a wordpress blog they currently use (that's integrated to their site of course) that I could have a look at? I would LOVE to see examples! 

Thanks everyone! 


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Hello Jazmin,

Please check out my StoryBook ‑ WP Blog Connector app here: https://apps.shopify.com/storybook-wp-blog-connector

The app acts as a proxy, it connects your WordPress blog with your Shopify store. All WordPress posts/categories/tags and such are instantly available within your store.

You will find most of the WordPress features available, more we implement server-side caching under the hood, there is a good chance that your Shopify blog is way faster than your original WordPress blog.