Worrying situation. Suspension of one of my clients stores for no reason. Please help!

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I am a partner of Shopify Plus for more than 4 years and I have worked in dozens of stores of all kinds of products. Currently I am facing an unprecedented situation with one of my Shopify clients, it is a very important marble and architecture page in my country. I was in charge of carrying out your project migration to Shopify almost two years ago, it is one of the most complex pages I have made within the platform and its development required hundreds of hours.


Yesterday, May 7, in the morning the client reported that the page was down. My initial assumption was that it was a simple interruption in service for a couple of seconds, as it happens very eventually. However, the situation did not correct after an hour and I started to worry. We contacted support by all possible means and they informed us that there was a problem with the account and it had to be validated by the Shopify's Risk Operations Team. Apparently it is something related to the payment of the Shopify plan, however all the charges have been covered on the required date. The client has all the receipts correctly.


It is very frustrating the situation we are in as a partner, because although we have written to Shopify several times, they do not give us any details of what is happening. I am a faithful believer in Shopify as a platform and I was usually very satisfied with their customer service, but this time I have been very disappointed with the service they have given us. I do not know what may be the reason why this may be happening, however it seems to me that this is not the correct way to handle it, since they did not give us any prior explanation and left us without service.


It's been over 24 hours and my client's store is still offline. I hope someone reading this can do something to speed up the resolution of our situation, the store domain is marmolesarca.myshopify.com. And the ticket associated with this report is 17515919

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I have the same problem, I've been working for 10 days to build my site and when I paid they suspended my account. I created 2 other accounts and I paid with 2 different cards and always the same problem.

I saw in the forum that several people are facing the same problem and it's getting a bit chaotic with this situation.

I hope they will solve this problem as soon as possible because I don't want to waste my hundreds of hours of work.