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Sometimes products seem to be less glorious than they deserve to be, just because they weren’t backed up by reviews. You would agree when I say that reviews have the power to shape an opinion about your products within seconds. Yet not many stores focus on getting more reviews, which eventually would help bag more sales. 

So, I am currently writing an article on 'How to get all 6-star customer reviews on your e-commerce store' to help users realize the need to get reviews on their products and how they can get them. It would be great if you can contribute to this piece. Here are a few questions you can answer, which would be combined into a quote. 

  • How did you get your very first review?
  • What strategies do you make use of to get customers to write reviews?
  • When do you approach customers for reviews? Is there a best time? Also, how many times do you reach out to them?  
  • Do you think reviews influence users to make a purchase?
  • How do you handle negative reviews?

Comment your answer below along with your store name & your headshot, and we will feature it on our blog. You may also get in touch with me if you wish to remain anonymous.

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