Would you recommend advertising to grow fan base or focus on purchases at first?

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Hi, I was wondering if you guys would recommend advertising to grow fan base, or just focus on conversions when setting up ads?

Also, we are considering reaching out to an influencer that would give us a shout out on social media but am not sure how much would that cost really or how to reach those people if anyone can help us on that it would be awesome

this is our store in case someone wants to recommend us something as well

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Hey @Purr, great question. Most eCommerce marketing these days is about getting people to your store, getting them to convert and getting them to come back. Pretty much all the metrics, strategies, tricks, technologies are around these three activities or in some combination. 

If your store experience is great, it's fast and enjoyable to browse and it's easy to buy, you still need people to come in. Instead of paying rent on Main Street for that foot traffic, you have to pay Google or Facebook. The cost of those clicks is only going up, so pretty soon the only way to justify that  Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is to factor in these folks coming back to buy again. So here comes the loyalty solutions and the email marketing, where you need the customers you paid for to come back and buy again in order to be profitable. 

There is another way to look at it. You have an audience, people who are into that #catlife. Most of the people are open to buying a #catlife product if the opportunity to come to your store and their need for an item overlap. Within that audience there are communities, people that are really into #catlife t-shirts for example, and they talk to each other, and follow influencers within that space. And one day there will be a #purr-fect-life community, folks that are really into your brand and products, that want to connect with your brand, and each other in the context of your brand.

Connecting with an influencer would be great, because you would get to access their community and introduce them to your brand. These folks are more likely to convert, because they are more into #catlife than the broader audience. BTW you can access this audience via advertising too, but the connection is shallower. Now after these influencer referrals make a purchase, they can either go back to being an audience out there that you would have to win again, or you can start building this into your community - generating your own micro-influencer and referral behaviors. 

This is the area of word-of-mouth, or viral marketing. I think it's the best way to level the playing field for people that want to build a great brand, but who don't have the resources to burn through advertising dollars, or to get a top agency to build them a fantastic store with beautiful content right away (though Soona makes that super accessible now too). 

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It totally depended upon the business that what your first requirement would be, like whether it would be increasing the fan base or impact the purchase rate.

Although there are many advertisements that are justifying both the parts and doing quite good for the business.

These types of advertisements generally require a great deal of writing and directional skill as it is very much hard to do both of them at the same time.

The main elements of these advertisements are - 

  • Sarcasm or Comedy
  • An Alluring Tagline
  • Justifying Platform

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If you want to survive for the long run in the business environment, then surely you need to go for the fan base and not for the purchase at first.

As there are many advantages for the same, like - 

  • They will later convert into conversions.
  • They will attract more people towards the brand
  • Your brand gets publicity and fame.

So, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you in either growing your fan base or purchase then you can contact Propel Guru.

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