Wow, @shopify completely changed the way i see confirmation of shipping labels

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Which was never a problem, and they wasted how much time, money and resources creating this totally useless "feature"?


Why not focus efforts on more important things like shipping SCAN sheets for USPS, or inability to configure pre-mature site logoffs, which only they control, or shipping carrier defaults so my employees quit shipping things with the wrong service, or fixing the fact that when you do change a shipping service, if you previously changed package weight, your change is over ridden?

Or virtually any other item that would actually be helpful to YOUR customers, shopify shop owners?  


Instead, all focus is on completely useless things to stroke shopifys own egos.  Ever since their stock has gone up, their egos have just gotten bigger and they have completely forgotten about their customers and their customers issues.  If they were an amazon seller, shopify would receive an account suspension notice for their inability to address customer issues.