You Can Automate Your Liquid Statements Now

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Are you guys tired of wasting time writing out your Liquid statements by hand? With Dropkiq, you can write complex Liquid statements with ease. Dropkiq Autocompletion gives you:

  • immediate feedback: No more guesswork. Know exactly how your expressions will evaluate in real-time.
  • no more typos: To err is human. Identify mistakes as they happen and take corrective measures.
  • visibility of options: Data at your fingertips. See what data is available without asking your development team.


Honestly, we wish we build Dropkiq 5 years ago. It would have saved us countless hours of frustration and thousands of dollars. We hope you guys get as much use of it as we do!

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@Dropkiq Unless this specifically has ways to limit the code to Shopify Liquid this won't be terribly useful for users here. Does it?

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It's nice, it looks great, but, no disrespect intended, there are sublime text packages for liquid syntax.

The cool thing about this is that there are component and object names that are immediately suggested, I assume accordingly to the Shopify canon.

Pretty cool.