Your Facebook account doesn’t have admin access to the chosen page.

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Every time I try to connect my FB page with Shopify, I get this error message. I opened up a ticket with shopify support and basically it got me no where. It was "escalated" but havent gotten any resolution in 3 weeks.


I had to delay launching my website. It's delaying my facebook ads and a lot more.


I've been asking for updates and they havent given me ANY! 


This is so frustrating.

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Without being able to access your Facebook account + Shopify Admin, there's not much any of us (forum users) can do to help. 


The best thing I can recommend is double-checking your page roles for the FB business page you're trying to link:


If it's any consolation, I've setup a Facebook Sales Channel within the past week, and it worked as expected ... so the issue is most likely a page-role problem on Facebook itself. 


Best of luck!

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Hi, @dresswithmimi.


I looked into your concern regarding the frustration you've been having with your Facebook page.  I can see you're in correspondence with our escalated support team about this. In cases like this, where it requires development assistance from a third-party platform such as Facebook, the time it takes to resolve the issues can be a little bit longer than anticipated due to the complexity of the issue combined with the cross-company communication.


Let me assure you, our team is working towards a resolution for you on this and you will be contacted as soon a fix has been implemented.



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Hi, I am also having the same problem could you help me out, thank you.

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Me too! I checked Facebook and I am clearly have admin. access so not sure why Shopify keeps saying that I don't. Please help :((

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Im actually dealing with this problem as we speak - Were you guys able to get it worked out for the other user? If so, how can i fix this? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.


Best regards,

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I had to create a new FB page via Shopify hyperlink (located where it rejects the connection between FB and Shopify). Only then, did the connection between FB and Shopify worked for me. I was lucky bc I didn't have much content in the original FB page/account, so this solution was good enough for me.

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I was not able to, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Sorry about that.
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This is all seriously convoluted. Connecting Shopify to Facebook and to Instagram with Pixel. Wow. Maybe it's kept confusing on purpose to keep most people out so the market doesn't get too saturated, haha


SOLVED!  (in my case anyway)

I spoke with a Shopify Rep on chat and they said on 9/11/2019:


"Our developers just put out an update, it appears this is the result of an issue on our end. They are investigating now, I will follow up on this thread as soon as they have an update."


Before contacting support to receive the above message, I scoured the web and community and tried all of the suggestions before I finally did the following below steps which solved the “Shopify Facebook Sales Channel Won’t Connect” or “Reconnect”.

To SOLVE this problem, I went through all of the steps below to connect the shop correctly via a data feed.


a) make sure you have a personal facebook page 

b) make sure that this facebook personal user is the ADMIN for the Facebook Page that you are trying to connect (see settings --> page roles) on the actual page  ie:

c) make sure that this is a BUSINESS PAGE and controlled by Facebook Business Manger

d) on the business manager page  click on the PAGES on the left  ie:

e) make sure that your PAGE is the PRIMARY BUSINESS PAGE. Click on the page on the right and then you will see PEOPLE to the right of that. Click on the ARROW to the far right of your name and make sure that MANAGE JOBS and VIEW EARNINGS INSIGHTS is turned OFF and that MANAGE PAGE is ON (this means you will have admin privs here too)--> select SAVE

f) make sure that the template for your SHOP is using the SHOPPING TEMPLATE. ie: go to --> click on SETTINGS top right ---> on left click on TEMPLATES AND TABS --> on right it will say TEMPLATES (current template) - if it doesn't say SHOPPING (select EDIT then select the SHOPPING template and SAVE)

g) click on PAGE ROLES on the left and just double check that you are the admin of the page. In some cases, the page will be owned by the BUSINESS MANAGER account and you, as a user will be the admin on the page.

h) ADD FACEBOOK PIXEL: go to and click on top left menu EVENTS MANAGER --> click on GET STARTED under Facebook Pixel on the right. Once completed, COPY the facebook pixel # and go back or LOGIN to SHOPIFY --> SETTINGS --> GENERAL and scroll down to facebook pixel and paste your pixel and SAVE

i) NEXT: You are going to do 2 things. 1) add Facebook Marketing and 2) add an app called FLEXIFY

j) on left side of Shopify Click on MARKETING --> Select Setup Facebook Marketing and follow the steps to connect the account and page (if you need help message me)

k) one Facebook Marketing is connected, click on APPS on the left side then click on VISIT SHOPIFY APP STORE top right

l) type in FLEXIFY and click ADD APP

m) once the app is installed click on FLEXIFY app and then copy the URL for the FEED ending in ..../facebook.rss

n) go BACK to and click on COMMERCE ACCOUNTS ---> click on the arrow to the right of your name on the last column and make sure you have ADMIN privs.

o) on left click on DATA SOURCES --> CATALOGS  and click on the CATALOG that should now be there then top right click on OPEN IN CATALOG MANAGER 

p) on the left side of the CATALOG MANAGER page, click on PRODUCT DATA SOURCES ---> then on top right of this page select ADD PRODUCTS and select the Use Data Feeds - select NEXT then enter the facebook.rss  url you copied earlier and save. It gives you the option to do the feed hourly, daily or monthly, etc. I usually select DAILY but you may select hourly depending on how busy your store is. SAVE

It will then take a little while, sometimes 24 hours for the feed to start picking up the products. 


If successful, it will show all your products on the SHOP page of facebook.


I tried all other options before figuring all of this out.  I removed the sales channel app for facebook and removed the shopify connector from the facebook account and waited 30 mins, cleared cache, tried different browsers and devices and even tried the mobile app. All  failed.  This worked for me. It is a little but of a pain but you don't have to rely on Shopify's Facebook Channel in order to connect the page. I hope they fix this soon as this is way too many steps just to get this working correctly.  Hope this helps someone.


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