Your store is getting traffic but no sales?

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I have already spent too much on Facebook ads, but the effect is not good, what should I do?
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Sometimes you have to spend money to get shop traffic, but if you have enough attention, then it may not be impossible to get free traffic. For example, doing SEO is very important. For better SEO rankings of your dropshipping business, you should pay special attention to the length of content on each page of your website. The number of words you include on your pages, the easier it will be for search engines to understand your page.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via keywords:

  • Maintain an optimal ratio of keywords in your web content.

  • Include at least 350 to 500 words per page.

  • The content needs to be useful and relevant to your target audience.

  • The content must be natural

  • Your content will be the platform from where you will have to optimize your keywords, links etc.

  • Avoid stuffing content at the end of the page, under a menu or an expandable field.

  • In your product page, add content which describes your product using keywords

  • Avoid using duplicate content.

If we go by search engines, your H1 tag is one of the first things that describes what a visitor will find on your website. In case of your product page, your H1 tag will be the product title. If it’s a category page, your category name will be your H1 tag.

In Dropshipping business, title tags are important. When someone searches for something, it is the title tag that shows up in search results.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via titles and tags:

  1. Avoid overdoing it with the keywords in your H1 tags to prevent getting spammed by Google or face an over-optimization penalty.

  2. An ideal Title Tag should be below 55 characters.

  3. it should be relevant to search terms you want to rank.

Meta Descriptions are crucial for dropshipping SEO rankings. Meta descriptions appear right below the title tag and should be between 120 and 155 characters. These should be relevant and describe precisely what a person will find on the page if they click on it. If you are able to nail this, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via meta descriptions:

  1. Make sure your description tags encourage peoples to click.

  2. Include information such as a how-to guide, a great price or an attention-grabbing list.

  3. For inspiration, read the title tags and meta descriptions of some high-ranking pages.

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