Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging and there isn't anything you can do about it

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No one can help with this matter as much as you try, beg, or hope. You are out of luck! Shopify should stop misleading small business owners with the promise of being able to sell on Instagram (according to the ads they are currently running on Instagram, Feb 2019). It's a deceptive business practice, pure and simple. Is shopify or IG to blame? Probably both. Unfortunately, I migrated away from a competitor that I was satisfied with because I wanted to take my business to the next level and sell on instagram. I spent a month setting up, customizing, and curating my shop, only to find that I cannot do what I wanted to do- what I have paid good money and time to do- and that is sell on instagram. Like the shopify ad said I could do.


My shop is within every guideline to sell: handmade porcelain jewelry from the states, plain and simple, family friendly for all ages, no sex or violence. I have already spent hours combing through all of IG/FB/Shopify terms of service and guidelines, chatting with friends who have IG approved shops, looking into advice about "maybe your tagging is wrong" or "make sure your categories are correct", etc.  I've done everything humanly possible- spent hours tied up with shopify support, trying tutorials, having a FB business page, uploading my catalog, etc, only to be denied by Instagram with no option for review. Shopify gurus are unable to help me, saying that it's out of shopify's hands and it is instagram's fault, leaving me with an IG contact page and an alternative to use an app that doesn't do what I pay for shopify to do. IG doesn't have any contact information except for an email address that I have sent many messages to and have received no reply. In short- there is no way to contact IG. I have even tried to go the FB route. There is no way to contact Facebook.


Small business owners, please beware: using Shopify to sell on Instagram is not in your hands. So don't make the same mistake I did and waste tons of time and money. Tell your friends.

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I'm really sorry for what's happened to you. I don't claim to be an expert on this topic but what I can gather from what you've shared is that it is most probably some issue with Instagram. This might not be very useful to you, as I know you might have done everything mentioned in this Support page: And it's still not working then there is some issue with Insta. I wish I could be of help.

I've dabbled a bit in Instagram and Facebook marketing, so maybe I might help you. But I don't think, this forum would like me to rant about any topic too much.  So you can email me on my personal email any time if you think I could help you. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to pay me. It's all for the learning experience. 


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My name is Lizzy. I'm one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.


You're right that the ability to sell on Instagram is determined by their review team, and not something we have direct control over. That being said, while speaking with merchants I have heard of a couple of techniques that may help with getting approved to sell on Instagram.


I know you've tried a lot, so it is possible you've already followed these steps, but I wanted to share them with you here just in case they end up being helpful.


The first that can sometimes see success is to report a problem in the Instagram app. Letting them know here that you were denied, when your store doesn't violate their sales policy has been known to get stores a second look over. This can sometimes act like an appeal and cause the decision to be changed.


The other tactic I've heard was mentioned in a review on the Instagram app's page. I've included an screenshot of the original comment below for you to take a look at. This option is a bit more complicated, but was shared with me by a store owner who also used the method and saw success.


I hope one of these options helps to get your account re-reviewed and accepted by Instagram.


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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I followed these instructions and after refresh on re-adding my Instagram-profile in Shopify got a message that my Instagram-Profile isn't eligible for Instagram product tagging. 


You have to fix this with Instagram or stop marketing that Shopify works with Instagram, because right now... it isn't. 

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I Have the same problem and i am very disappointed because I'm also change for Shopify because they said we could sale on Instagram. Did you manage to solve your problem?

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No- there is no solution and you will not resolve the issue. I will be cancelling my Shopify and return to my old website in a few months.
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ANOTHER disappointment. 

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Instagram is denying us access because “Shopify” owns the catalog!!


It looks like the issue is with how Shopify owns the catalog that you are trying to connect to instagram. Facebook says you need to contact the “owner” of the catalog and they need to make you an admin. Because the catalog is from Shopify, they are the owner!!!

This is impossible to fix because Shopify is the owner of the catalog and there is nowhere in Shopify to grant ur self admin rights to that catalog. This needs to be addressed, it has gone on for far too long and Shopify just brushes it under the rug. 




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I have the same issue. I tried EVERYTHING listed in these forums and still no luck.


I really don't want to leave Shopify. But my competitors can do instagram product tagging and I can't so now I am losing customers.


Anyone have any more insights or assistance to overcome this?