a lot of traffic but only 5 sales

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Hi , 


my name is matan , 

i opened my dropshipping store not long ago , i am using facebook and pinterest ads and getting a lot of traffic ( 200-900 ) visits per day , but i only did 5 sales .


my store address is littlegreatsolutions.com 


any recommendations how to make the sales better ?


thank you


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Hello, There may be different reasons


If possible, start an investigation process to try to identify any problems


If you consider a 2% conversion rate:
- 900 visits per day would result in 18 sales approximately, you can consider this number as a goal to achieve


Google Anlytics can help you investigate through these items:
- Check if your website's bounce rate is in the market average, for your segment.
- If you already have it, use the heat map to try to identify any problem in the purchase flow and if you find it, perform a / b test to compare the results


- Make sure you're reaching the right audience
- Compare the price you practice with competitors
- Check the rate of return if it adheres to your market

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hey @matthew89 ,

you might want to focus on specific products to start out with because if your traffic isn't targeted, it doesn't really matter how many people are hitting your site.


Try working on things in this order...

Ad Diag copy.png


Some extra things to work on.

  1. Email capture: Have a way to capture emails to nurture leads through a drip campaign!
  2. Facebook Retargeting: If you really are getting that many hits off Facebook, you should be focusing you efforts on retargeting that traffic rather than running new campaigns.
Working on...
1. Product Lens (App that helps the middle of the funnel marketing)
2. Strategy + Tactics: Marketing Blog
3. Want store feedback? Try this free tool (You gotta give to receive)
4. 60-day SEO email course
5. FB Marketing 102 email newsletter

Hey Matan,

I strongly recommend stopping your ads and instead directing that budget towards having a Shopify Expert bring your store to its full potential. Your store doesn't look or feel finished right now. Traffic is only beneficial if your visitors are actually buying, and the good news is that you seem to be having a lot of traffic (which means your ads work!). 


A few issues I spotted:

  • Your logo is very hard to read because the blush pink colour is too close to white. On other pages it shows up as black - it should be consistent. 
  • You have no category pages which makes your site hard to shop. 
  • In your footer, you have categories listed that you don't actually sell. I.e. 'Women's Accessories' has no products, and neither does 'Men's Clothing'
  • Beef up your 'About Us' page so people know why they should choose you. 
  • I would spend more time creating a cohesive product collection that makes sense. Currently, you have an iphone case, a tempered glass screen protector, blue light glasses, a magnetic pad for car tools, a camcorder etc. There is no theme to your products. 
  • Your social links don't work and take me to the top of your category page. 


Good luck!



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