adding skip navigation to Out of the SandBox Turbo theme

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I've added some skip navigation into this theme - the trouble is, no matter where I put it, when navigating with a keyboard only, it first hits the cart, then the top level menu items then the search - all without using my focus indicator.  


When it finally gets to my skip content, if I don't activate it, THEN it starts at the top of the page - this time, using my focus indicator, and it runs through the social media, the login, the cart then my top level menu again.


No matter what, it always runs through the cart and the main navigation before it gets  to the skip navigation.  I have tried placing the skip navigation in theme.liquid, right after the opening body tag and just above {% section 'header' %}.  This is where it is now.  I've tried placing it inside the head tag right after the opening meta tags and also at the top of header.liquid. In both cases, it follows the same path as noted above.


It doesn't work at all to place it at the top of menu.liquid.


To be clear, if I activate skip to main content, it goes to the main content as expected. The issue is that no matter what,  it will always go through those top bar  items and  the main navigation before it ever gets to skip navigation.  


Does anyone have any experience adding this to the Turbo theme?  Help much appreciated!