bad action from Trendy Vibes

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This company and Shopify sent me a Refund notification dated May 1 for $4.95 when Trendy Vibes was unable

to fulfill my order #16394-TV within 35 business days.  I paid $15.90 by Pay Pal.  They didn't reimburse me for the

non-existent- shipping charge of $4.95, and they paid Pay Pal $4.95.  I had no notice that there would be a charge to use Pay Pal services.  Today I sent an email to the company, asking for a complete refund of $15.90 within 10 days. What will happen?  My guess is that they'll ignore me. However, I want to let Shopify know this happened

with one of their advertisers.


It is very difficult to find Shopify's  mailing address on the site.  This is frustrating.  Also frustrating is that there  seems to be no way to send an electronic message to Shopify.  So this community forum is the only way I could message you.

Gayle Nichols