bulk image management and mapping images to variants

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We are setting up our store on Shopify. We have ~500 products. They are personalized art prints, and each print is available in 16 colors and two sizes. We plan to upload images to display each color variant i.e. 16 images per product. 

We are looking for the simplest/best solution to manage images. We plan to use a csv for bulk upload. We would like to upload image files directly to Shopify file storage. The issue is that it seems we then need to cut and paste each URL individually for each variant, which would be very time-consuming. Ideally we would be able to get a list of URLs (in excel/csv) of uploaded images that we could easily map to each variant so we could paste into our csv. 

I've read the forums and have seen other merchants with similar questions/problems. I've seen Dropbox recommended as a possible solution, but apparently I can't get a list of URLs out of Dropbox either. Various Shopify apps have been recommended, but I'm not sure which (if any) are best for our situation and would rather not go through a process of trial/error to figure it out. Seems like a common problem, so can you please recommend an app and/or an image hosting solution that would be suitable for our situation and are proven for Shopify?  Thanks!

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Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue wanting to bulk map images to variants!