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I just want to say that the lack of phone support is unacceptable.  it's not even easy to find out where to go to the support chat or request a callback.  I've been with SHOPIFY for years now.  I have told everyone about it and convinced many friends to move their websites over to SHOPIFY and have been a huge advocate.  The main reason was the PHONE SUPPORT.   yes i read the response that you now have so many new clients and they were clogging up the lines trying to set up their stores instead of reading the info but you know what, SHOPIFY stock has gone up like 3000% since i've joined .  That's like a gazillion dollars!  There is just no excuse for not taking care of the customers who helped get you there.  and it's been MONTHS. Plenty of time to train new people. 

for 3 days i have not been able to get into my site.  it keeps saying contact the administrator.  I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!  i can't even get into customer support because it's asking me to log in AND I CAN'T LOG IN!  The people at SHOPIFY are way too smart to not be able to fix this loop hole PLUS i saw customers ask about this very issue in JULY and that they couldn't get into customer support because they couldn't log in .  And the email DOESN'T WORK WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE SITE THAT I CAN'T GET INTO.  i have to say SHOPIFY, you have broken my heart.  I thought you were a different type of company.  I AM SO DISAPPOINTED RIGHT NOW.  sorry but there is no excuse.  It's been months that you haven't had phone support.