complete breakdown of charges

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Hi we have just started our shopify shop and had a good few sales we need to work out as close to the penny the charges but are going round in circles . After much investigating and calculating our first week of orders this is what we think we are getting charged in  the UK please can anyone let us know if this is correct and fill in the blanks 

For every  on line transaction  we are charged the basic shopify credit card rate, 2.2% + 20p UK. This is the only charge we get on just the Shopify transactions using shopify's payment facility. 

However when a costumer pays by PayPal (Gateway) we are  charged by Pay Pal 2.9 % + 30p per transaction on top of the above amount plus some extra %  as the numbers don't quite add up .

We have added all the payments form our report and calculated the charges but they don't add up according to the Shopify charges explanation and various explanations online. So are we correct in thinking that  shopify charge us the following when a customer pays via pay pal? 

2.2% + 20p  plus  2.9 % + 30p per transaction (plus some extra % or something and what is this extra?) if any one can shed any light on this that would be much appreciated. 

thanks Amanda