creating Multi Language Store ???

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Thanks for this, very helpful!

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I'm evaluating eCommerce platforms for creating a new on-line shop for my business. We're based in Thailand so I'd preferably want a site with EN and TH languages. Unfortunately we've not yet found a auto-translation service that does EN to TH translations accurately, so the product details will need to be manually translated by us. Navigation menu's and UI text aren't too critical to be in TH but would be better though.


If there was some clearer indication or commitment from Shopify that they are planing to or going to release a update supporting multi languages natively then It'd be perfectly OK to start our shop in English first. But it seems there's no clear indication and the topic is mostly avoided.

It's a real pity as this platform seemed perfect for our current needs of a eCommerce shop and then also the POS solutions we could implement at our Bricks and Mortar shops later. That is up until I got to this article.